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Retail Marketing Manager


Event Manager

Int’l Retail Marketing Manager

2008 – 2014

 Responsible for developing and improving Polar’s global retail presence

  • * Defined new global retail strategy
  • * Ensured appropriate Polar brand appearance and product presentation at retail
  • * Developed new retail solutions
  • * Managed global Retail Marketing Budget
  • * Coordinated int’l market research
  • * Enhanced brand appearance & product presentation at sports retail
  • * Implemented new on-line ordering system 
  • * Guiding subsidiaries & distributors during implementation
  • * Development of Polar’s new Shop-in-Shop system
  • * Defined and developed trade engagement concepts (Test Package)
  • * Improved commitment at the trade level
  • * Coordinated extensive market research surveys 
  • * Cooperated with the International Sales Department and country marketing teams
  • * Developed seasonal in-store campaigns
  • * Creating effective retail marketing support for product launches
  • * Briefed & directed external agencies on new retail solution projects: IRIS London, RTC UK, DisplayPlan USA, 19Ltd, TOTEMS
  • * Directed agencies during creative development
  • * Managed production process within given budgets
  • * Oversaw far east production in frequent visits (QC checks)

Int’l Event Manager

2008 – 2014

 Responsible for developing Polar’s new global event appearance

      • * Led design of new global event appearance
      • * Directed agencies during creative development
      • * Developed event strategy to fulfill market needs, ensured global consistency and local relevancy
      • * Managed international trade-shows set-ups (CES, ISPO, FIBO, Eurobike, etc.)
      • * Collaborated with Country Marketing Teams to deliver event tools that were fully integrated into the overall marketing mix and supportive of brand goals
      • * Tracked event results and leveraged insights to continuously improve marketing solutions
      • * Conducted pre- and post event evaluations
      • * Cooperated with International Segment Managers to ensure successful product launches
      • * Managed strategic relationships with event agencies and organizers
      • * Briefed external agencies during development process: TOTEMS, ARNO, DisplayPlan
      • * Developed interactive presentation solutions that inspired and engaged consumers, enhanced product & brand experiences
      • * Controlled event budget to maximize ROI; Managed production & set-up processes within given budgets
      • * Promoted event exposure in social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
      • * Full responsibility over physical marketing goods like team outfit, flyers, give aways and the logistics to make them available locally
      • * ISPO: 140m2; CES: 100-120m2; FIBO: 90m2; Eurobike: 80m2; Marathon Events 20-60m2