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November 2015 – present

 TReGo Trolley, Cargo Bike Innovation

Frankfurt (Germany), Tel Aviv (Israel), Ägeri (Switzerland)

Head of Global Sales and Marketing

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Global Sales & Marketing Responsible for global marketing & distribution activities 

      • * Leading global market introduction, defining Brand- & Product-positioning strategy
      • * Managing digital marketing platforms (copywriting & distribution)
      • * Driving awareness, increasing community & reaching new relevant audiences:
      • * Defined & implemented digital marketing campaign
      • * Managed global PR relations (Bloggers, Industry Magazines, etc.)
      • * Acquired new global distribution partners & retailers
      • * Managed pricing structure (export-, wholesale- & retail-price)
      • * Launched global KICKSTARTER Campaign, exceeding 150% of funding goal
        • * Scripted, directed & produced “Concept-Introduction-Film”
      • * Winner of ProSieben “Das Ding des Jahres” German TV show, episode 3 (2019)
      • * Acquired global cycling brand to license & distribute products (2019)

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November 2014 –
October 2015

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 WESCHE45, Brand Activation Consultancy

Ägeri (Switzerland)

Owner, Global Brand Marketing Consultant

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Global Brand Consultant Focused on supporting start-up companies in global marketing & distribution activities 

      • * Managed global branding projects, product launch plans & sales activation initiatives
      • * Defined marketing mix strategies & adapted communication to relevant markets
      • * Created memorable brand communication strategies
      • * Managed digital & social media platforms
      • * Coordinated comprehensive market research studies
      • * Assessed competitive landscape & market situations
      • * Established relationships with agencies, media & other partners
      • * Directed pilot run activities
      • * Clients: Zino’s PizzaBox, Burlex, ezBOX, International School of Central Switzerland

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June 2008 –
July 2014

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Bildschirmfoto 2013-10-18 um 11.12.33 POLAR ELECTRO OY, Heart Rate Monitors

Steinhausen (Switzerland)

International Retail Marketing Manager

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Retail Marketing Manager Responsible for developing and improving Polar’s global in-store presentation

      • * Led the development of global retail brand strategy
      • * Created new retail solutions that enhanced brand appearance and product presentation
      • * Defined global retail strategy, explained & justified new direction to CEO & Board of Directors
      • * Guided subsidiaries during implementation process & supported execution
      • * Conducted extensive customer & retail research: Tracked results & leveraged insights to improve presentation solutions
      • * Established new on-line ordering system for efficient global display transportation
      • * Ensured appropriate Polar brand appearance & product presentation at retail by guiding subsidiaries & distributors
      • * Led project team in the development of Polar’s new Shop-in-Shop system
      • * Defined & developed trade engagement concepts
      • * Improved commitment at the trade level with new solutions
      • * Coordinated extensive market research surveys to enhance international retail understanding
      • * Cooperated with the International Sales Department & country marketing teams
      • * Developed seasonal in-store campaigns
      • * Managed & allocated global retail marketing & event budgets
      • * Created effective retail marketing support for product launches
      • * Briefed external agencies on new retail solution projects: IRIS London, RTC UK, DisplayPlan USA, 19Ltd, TOTEMS
      • * Directed agencies during creative development and managed production process within given budgets
      • * Oversaw far east production in frequent visits, guaranteeing highest production quality standard
      • * Increased brand appearance & sell-through
      • * Led global brand harmonization process with focus on brand identity
      • * Ensured global brand consistency at retail & events (Corporate CI)

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Event Manager Responsible for developing & implementing Polar’s new global event concept

      • * Coordinated Polar’s international trade-show appearances 2009-2014 (ISPO, FIBO, Eurobike)
      • * Concept focused on enhancing brand experience & product presentation
      • * Developed new interactive presentation tools for enhanced brand interaction
      • * Guided subsidiaries, distributors & international event team
      • * Cooperated with International Segment Managers to ensure successful product launches
      • * Directed agencies during creative development: TOTEMS, ARNO, DisplayPlan
      • * Managed production & set-up processes within given budgets

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January 2007 –
March 2008

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Delta orange:white:white BORIS BECKER Tennis GmbH, Tennis Brand

Baar (Switzerland)

International Brand Marketing Manager

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Brand Marketing Manager Responsible for all marketing activities for Boris Becker Tennis

      • * Developed marketing strategy & introduction plan for the new Boris Becker Tennis brand
      • * Coordinated the creation and finalization of the new Boris Becker Tennis symbol: The “Serveman” logo
      • * Prepared and executed worldwide marketing launch plans
      • * Created Sales & Marketing materials to launch the brand: catalogues, flyers, add templates, etc.
      • * Organized and set up photo-shoot in Bahrain for the 2007-08 Boris Becker Tennis apparel collection
      • * Created POS displays for better in-store product presentation
      • * Coordinated the set up and launch of the new Völkl Tennis and Boris Becker Tennis web pages: &
      • * Organized press conferences, launching the new brand

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November 2004 –
December 2006

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new VT logo Kopie VÖLKL TENNIS GmbH, Tennis Brand

Baar (Switzerland)

International Sales & Marketing Manager

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Responsible for all Sales & Marketing activities for Völkl Tennis & Boris Becker Tennis products in: North America, Central & South America, Asia and Australia

Sales Manager

      • * Developed & implemented Sales plans in all countries
      • * Customized concepts for each individual market supporting local efforts
      • * Managed & controlled forecast- and order systems
      • * Assisted each country in the organization of sales clinics and sales meetings
      • * Responsible for the organization of yearly International Sales Meetings
      • * Coordinated demonstration days with sponsored players and legends:
          • * Active players: Radek Stepanek (ATP#9), Dominika Cibulkova (WTA#15), Sam Stosur (WTA#10), Jiri Novak (ATP#8), etc.
          • * Legends: Boris Becker, Henri Leconte, Mats Wilander, Pat Cash, Yannick Noah

  Marketing Manager

      • * Conceptual planning of communication strategy for product launches
      • * Dealer catalogs & consumer brochures
      • * Implementation & financial controlling of all international marketing & advertising activities
      • * Briefed & managed advertising agencies IRR (AUT) & Kunde Co (DK)
      • * Relaunched homepage:
      • * Organized & set up photo-shooting sessions for Völkl Tennis with Boris Becker
      • * Market research: Analyzed international needs & assured timely delivery of trade-marketing tools

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July 2001 –
October 2004

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new VT logo Kopie VÖLKL TENNIS GmbH, Tennis Brand

Straubing (Germany)

International Product Manager Racquet Sports

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Product Manager Active Product Manager with full responsibilities for the tennis product portfolio: Tennis racquets, bags, accessories (strings, grips, etc.), and apparel

      • * Designed new & innovative racquets onto manufacturable & marketable finished products
      • * Worked closely with R&D Department in the creation of new technologies & innovations: CATAPULT, Sensor Plus Handle System, V-Engine, DNX, PowerArm, etc.
      • * Worked with and briefed external design agencies: Fuhrman Designs, Continuum, Milani, Tagger Designs
      • * Addressed desired function, cosmetics, market appeal & manufacturability for a successful product introduction
      • * Provided effective transition of tennis racquet designs from the prototyping stage through commercialization & into production
      • * Defined racquet-series & -parameters/specifications
      • * Produced all technical information sheets & maintained all development activities to the product
      • * Organized & supervised international play-test team
      • * Managed the world-wide product testing procedures, accumulated results & finalized products for mass production
      • * Ensured that all materials, processes, prototypes & development samples were fully tested to ensure adherence to Völkl Tennis’ high quality standards
      • * Checked cut-off dates at the right time in order to secure on time production & delivery
      • * Developed the tennis products at a cost-sensitive level without ruining design/product features
      • * Positioned price structure of product ranges
      • * Exhibited a continuous interest in & awareness of new market developments
      • * Observed market trends, customer needs and competitor behavior & used these to create future product ranges
      • * Frequent travels to Asian manufacturers to support follow-up activities necessary in the product creation process (Hong Kong & Shenzhen)
      • * Worked closely with the Marketing & Sales Department, assisting in the development of commercializing concepts for market introductions

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August 2000 –
May 2001

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Kinowelt logo SPORTWELT Beteiligungs-GmbH, Sports Marketing Firm

Düsseldorf (Germany)

Marketing Manager

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Marketing Manager Consultant for Major German Soccer Clubs: 1. FC Union Berlin (Division 3) and VfB Leipzig (Division 4)

      • * Developed strategies to attract new sponsorship possibilities
      • * Supported clubs in acquiring new sponsors
      • * Supported in coordinating fan festivals to attract new memberships
      • * Assisted in developing marketing strategies for new stadium complex in Leipzig (Zentralstadion)
      • * Coordinated SPORTWELT’s Trade-Show appearances in Munich (ISPO) and Frankfurt (Sport Business Days)
      • * Assisted in the organization of VIP festivities for the German Cup Final (DFB-Pokal) in Berlin in May 2001
      • * Translated various documents from English into German

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June 1997 –
June 1999

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Voelkl_ohnePC VOLKL SPORT AMERICA, US Distributor of winter & summer sports

West Lebanon NH/Chicago IL (USA)

Regional Sales Manager

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Regional Sales Manager Mid West Territory Manager for: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North&South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho

      • * Represented all Völkl Tennis products: racquets, bags, & accessories
      • * Provided sales assistance, servicing, clinics, & promotions for 77 accounts
      • * Set up & managed a team of teaching professionals & VIPs in the Mid West
      • * Created a sales team of Regional Promotional Assistants throughout the Mid West
      • * Organized promotional demonstration days each month
      • * Marketing-, Promotion- & Product-development-assistant
      • * Moved to Chicago to head up the Mid West office for Völkl Tennis
      • * Assisted in demonstration days with John McEnroe in Greenwich CT, Dallas TX, Washington DC, and San Diego CA
      • * Increased dealer base form 17 to 88 accounts in the Mid West
      • * Increased sales by 440%

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