Boris Becker Tennis


Global Brand Marketing

Developed brand strategies and led international product launches

Boris Becker Tennis

*Led introduction strategy for the new Boris Becker Tennis brand

*Developed international launch strategy and instructed global implementation of marketing activities with distributors

*Conceptual lead on Product Management: Apparel & Racquets

*Concept of the new Boris Becker Tennis symbol: The Serveman logo

*Copy-writting for website, newsletters, catalogues, etc.

*Organized Photo-shoots  for new apparel and racquet collection

* Set-up Press Conferences globally to launch new Boris Becker Tennis brand to international press

*POS displays for better in-store product presentation and trade commitment

*Launch of new Boris Becker Tennis web-page: www.borisbecker.com

The introduction of the new SIGNATURE LINE apparel collection was a global success.

Relaunch of new brand website www.borisbecker.com

Led design team in the creation of the Serveman Logo, replicating his iconic service motion from 1989 to 2007.

Creation of on- and off-line communication matrials, copy writing for brochures, catalogues, newsletters, etc.

Designed tennis racquets for professionals and hobby players.

Designing a new racquet to Boris Becker’s standards was not an easy task. Together with the renown german Fraunhofer Institute we incorporated new materials into tennis racquets for the first time. Dozens of prototypes and design samples later, we created the BECKER 11 SPECIAL EDITION.

Extraordinary Experiences

*Close brand collaboration with the Tennis legend himself

*Development of the “Serveman” Logo 

* Set-up global Brand & Product Launch Events 

The opportunity to work closely with one of my childhood idols was a surreal experience. Creating a new logo for the brand, designing racquets and ultimately launching the concept to the international tennis world was intense and so rewarding.

Our Core Values

We positioned Boris Becker Tennis as the high-end tennis brand, exclusively placed in upscale tennis pro shops around the world. Designed and engineered in Germany with the active support of Mr Becker, we successfully introduced the brand to a growing tennis audience.

The top logo was Mr Becker’s personal logo. We created a new tennis logo, that high-lighted the stroke that made him famous. You decide which one fits better.

The RETRO COURT collection brought back the classik tennis look combined with modern flair