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18+ years in the Int’l Sporting Goods Industry

Brand Marketing – Product Marketing – Retail Marketing
Sales Management – Product Management – Event Management

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* Communication:
Ability to construct an argument to get decision-makers excited about lending support

* Time Management & Organization:
Can stay organized & prioritize tasks

* Public Speaking & Presentation:
Comfortable in communicating ideas to audiences

* Civility & Politeness:
Respect is my foundation to a successful life

* Entrepreneurial & Innovation:
My imagination helps to conceive new ways to create value

* Goal setting:
Can define visions that solidify all activities teams are undertaking

* Passion & Determination:
My motivation comes from within, drive to succeed

* Flexibility & Adaptability:
Open to new ideas, environments, & responsibilities

* Self-imposed drive always with “next steps” in mind


* 20+ years in the Int’l Sporting Goods Industry, national & int’l management levels

* 9 years Tennis Industry: Sales Representative, Product Management, Sales Manager & Marketing Manager

* 6 years Sports Watch Industry: Retail Marketing & Event Management

* 5 years Cycling Industry: Sales & Marketing

* Led design/production & marketing strategy processes from conception through int’l implementation

* Team management experience: leader & team player

* Confident in managing internal customer & external supplier relationships

* Commercially driven with sales experience

* Campaign strategy & execution expertise

* USA: 15 years, Germany: 18years, Switzerland: 16years


* Winner of “Das Ding des Jahres” Episode 3

* Managed successful KICKSTARTER Campaign

* Defined & executed Int’l Marketingplans

* Launched new Boris Becker Tennis brand globally

* Created innovative tennis products with registered patents

* Defined new retail strategy & managed int’l implementation

* Increased global sales

* Enhanced product & brand experiences

* Budget control

* Built strong relationships with distributors & subsidiaries

* Developed new interactive retail concepts with measurable sales increases

* Led design & set-up of global events 

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