20+ years in the int'l sporting goods industry

brand marketing – product marketing – global sales –

retail marketing – product management – event management

Whether it’s conducting the proper market research, developing engaging communication messages, organizing pilot-run activities, leading strategic team meetings, or simply copywriting for on- & off-line communication, every measure is focused on one thing: to further develop the brand and team members.  

At the center of every brand activation plan is understanding the core values of the brand. I believe in Simon Sinek’s “People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it,” because I have seen first hand how customers gravitate to that kind of messaging. It’s an effective approach to reach an audience on your way to establishing a long term relationship with them. Once the customer connects with the foundation of your brand, what you stand for and “why you do what you do”, it ties them closer to the brand and they begin to trust you. Customers want more than just premium products, they want to be seen with innovations that reflect their values. This focus has led to many effective communication campaigns and ultimately increases in sales.

I have been leading projects and activating the “WHY” in different brands for many years. Conducting the proper market research and guiding these new entrepreneurs to global prominence has been rewarding. Many start-ups are brilliant in what they do, but often struggle to connect with their customers. My focus lies on understanding the brands I work with and finding effective ways to convey their “WHY.” At times new entrepreneurs get bogged down in so many details, that they often can not see the big picture anymore. My 20 years in brand and product communication have helped many brands successfully introduce their products and innovations to the market and I am proud to continue down this path.

This page is dedicated to those projects and the great teams I have supported over the years. I learned the ins and outs of the international sporting goods industry and have then applied those experiences to different industries. Be it a revolutionary new Pizza Box design, a sustainable Backpack brand, or even a private International School, I have successfully raised the profile of these brands because they all understood that their “WHY” is also their USP. 

Activating brands is what I do.


* Communication: Ability to construct an argument to get decision-makers excited about lending support

* Time Management & Organization: Can stay organized & prioritize tasks

* Public Speaking & Presentation: Comfortable in communicating ideas to different stakeholders

* Civility & Politeness: Respect is my foundation to a successful life

* Entrepreneurial & Innovation: My imagination helps to conceive new ways to create value

* Goal setting: Can define visions that solidify all activities teams are undertaking

* Passion & Determination: My motivation comes from within, drive to succeed

* Flexibility & Adaptability: Open to new ideas, environments, & responsibilities

*Self-imposed drive with "next steps" in mind.


* 20+ years in the Int'l Sporting Goods Industry

* 9 years Tennis Industry: Sales Representative, Product Management, Sales Manager & Marketing Manager

* 6 years Sports Watch Industry: Retail Marketing & Event Management

* 5 years Cycling Industry: Sales & Marketing

* Led design/production & marketing strategy processes from conception through int’l implementation

* Team management experience

* Managing internal customer & external supplier relationships

* Commercially driven with sales experience

* Campaign strategy & execution expertise

* USA: 15 years, Germany: 18years, Switzerland: 16years


* Winner of "Das Ding des Jahres" Episode 3

* Managed successful KICKSTARTER Campaign

* Defined & executed Int'l Marketingplans

* Launched new Boris Becker Tennis brand globally

* Defined new retail strategy & managed int'l implementation

* Created innovative tennis products with registered patents

* Increased global sales

* Enhanced product & brand experiences

* Budget control

* Built strong relationships with distributors & subsidiaries

* Developed new interactive retail concepts with measurable sales increases

* Led design & set-up of global events