“People dont buy what you do, they buy why you do it. “

Simon Sinek

I couldn’t agree with Mr. Sinek more. This is my approach! Focusing on the “WHY-are-we-doing this” aspect of any marketing agenda has helped me successfully lead and implement go-to-market strategies and brand campaigns worldwide.

Today’s consumers want more than just premium solutions, they are looking for companies that represent what they stand for. They need to identify themselves with the organisation behind the products and services they are buying.

Through-out my 20 years in leading marketing roles, my focus has been on promoting the emotional aspect of “why we do what we do.” I have a track-record of creating effective messages that lead to long lasting bonds with customers and result in sales increases.

Values are important to me and the task is to further activate them in different outlets. We must strive but when communication effectively conveys your values, it resonates with customers and adds credibility to any brand.

Activating brands is what I do.


If you haven’t heard of Simon Sinek, I encourage you to at least watch this short Ted Talk.